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IP Management

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Patent Portfolio Management

The team at RSL Holdings has many years’ experience managing worldwide patent portfolios from Fortune 100 companies to small and emerging companies. The experience that RSL brings to bear will maximize the value of your patent portfolios, where having the correct global footprint is more critical than ever. RSL can help refine the filing decision process itself, including where to file based on your business, your competitors, and the marketplace. RSL can also help create an annuity decision process to optimize the on-going patent portfolio maintenance expenditures. RSL can provide management insight on a one-time basis or help you actively manage your patent portfolios on a regular basis.

Patent Portfolio Analytics

RSL relies on Innography, Austin, TX, for its portfolio analytics software and data services. Innography is consistently credited with many firsts in the industry in applying new technologies to IP analytics. It was founded and built by software experts with deep experience in a creatively applying state of the art software technologies to large-data business problems. Tens of terabytes of data are processed by them each week, and new algorithms are continuously adopted through both machine learning and their PhD data scientists, and extensive collaboration with their user community. Innography brings broad, deep and sophisticated analysis capabilities to the world of patent assets.

Trade Secret Management

With the U.S. enactment of Defense of Trade Secrets legislation in 2016, there is now a new Federal protection of trade secrets that increases their value and makes their protection of ever greater importance. RSL Holdings can provide a detailed Trade Secret Protection program to assist your company in the protection and management of often its most important IP assets, its trade secrets.

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For 30 years, RSL Holdings, based out of Las Vegas NV, has been providing services to managing and exploiting intellectual property assets. With RSL Holdings, you can assure we are working for your best interest. We put our focus on providing our clients using the best and most cost-effective results possible. Call or email us to get started!

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