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RSL Holdings provides comprehensive, ROI-based solutions for all intellectual property challenges.
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Advisory Services

Over the past three decades, our management team members have been global leaders in providing comprehensive IP solutions. Consequently, this has led to the creation of more than $3 Billion in revenue for our clients.
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IP Management

Above all others, trust a team that has extensive experience in understanding, developing, and exploiting IP assets. Our knowledge and expertise goes unmatched, so you get exactly the solution you need.
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Our management team has more than 30 years of experience. In fact, this ranges from valuation and monetization to brokering wide varieties of IP assets including trademarks and copyrights.

What We Do

Led by experienced legal, technology, and business professionals who draw upon more than 35 years apiece in their respective fields.

RSL Holdings, Inc. is a global IP development and advisory firm expert at solving the full range of IP challenges. To begin with, we offer proven solutions that encompass the full lifecycle of intellectual property. For example, this includes everything from portfolio analysis and advising for both Fortune 500 companies and individuals alike. Additionally, we advise them on next-step development solutions and seeking commercialization partners who are ready to move forward. Likewise, we assist with handling a full suite of transaction services. So, contact us today to get the benefit of our services.

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IP Strategy Formulation

RSL’s IP strategy formulation experience provides an independent view on how to best create and exploit IP assets, in support of an existing or new corporate strategy.
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Patent Valuation

Over the course of the last 35 years, the principals of RSL Holdings have developed results-based valuation processes based on commercial impact, claim quality, remaining patent life, and more.
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Monetization Support

An assertion-based monetization involves demonstration of patent use and associated economics, and the implications and methods for an unlicensed party to resolve the situation.
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Patent Portfolio Management

When it comes to managing worldwide patent portfolios, RSL Holdings has the team and experience to help various companies from Fortune 100 to small, emerging businesses.
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Patent Portfolio Analytics

RSL relies on Innography (Clarivate) for its portfolio analytics software & data services. Innography is credited with many firsts in the industry in applying new technologies to IP analytics.
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IP Licensing

RSL’s principals have extensive experience with IP licensing, which for patents entails using an assertion-based licensing approach.