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Intellectual property decisions frequently play an important role in impacting corporate financials. RSL’s consulting services provide clients with a thorough, multi-faceted analysis of patent and IP-related issues. Our work product provides clients with independent perspective, insights and depth to support the client’s strategic and tactical decision-making for alignment of the company’s IP with its overall business needs.

Our Services

IP Strategy Formulation

As the volume and complexity of IP issues have grown, corporate executives increasingly seek independent perspectives and solutions. RSL’s IP strategy formulation experience provides an independent view on how to best create and exploit IP assets, in support of an existing or new corporate strategy.

Patent Valuation

Over the course of the last 30 years, the principals of RSL Holdings have developed results-based valuation processes based on commercial impact, claim quality, remaining patent life, and more. We combine our technical expertise, powerful analytics tools, business acumen, and legal focus in valuing patent assets in order to provide clients with realistic business choices based on a holistic look at not just the raw patent assets, but also their place within the market, the business, and the future.

Monetization Support

An assertion-based monetization involves demonstration of patent use and associated economics, and the implications and methods for an unlicensed party to resolve the situation. The process requires skill and expertise and ultimately the creation of a viable value proposition for the party to take a license under the subject patents. In some cases, the party will refuse to negotiate and reach a satisfactory resolution and there may be a need for an enforcement proceeding. The enforcement decision itself must not be taken lightly and needs to consider many factors. RSL’s principals have an impressive range of experience across many hundreds of monetization’s and are very able tour guides in this arena.

RSL Scope of IP Experience

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Advanced Weaponry

Real versus Counterfeit


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

batteries fuel cell

Batteries & Fuel Cells

biofuels sign


Big Data Illustration

Big Data

finger prints






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cellular networks

Cellular Networks

chemical in test tubes

Chemical Processing

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Consumer Products

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Data Transmission

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Nikon camera

Digital Cameras

iTunes logo

Digital Music

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Electronic Circuits

Advisory Services 10

Financial Services

Shades from rsl holdings

Head Mounted Displays

Map icon

Location/Guidance Systems

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Medical Devices

Advisory Services 13

Medical Imaging

SRAM versus DRAM

Memory Devices

Advisory Services 14

Network Security

Advisory Services 15

Optical Networking

oled layers


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Optical Transmission

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Advisory Services 18

RFID Networks

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Advisory Services 20


rsl holdings

Semiconductor Processing

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Advisory Services 22

Signal Integrity

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SoC Devices


Social Networks

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Travel Route Optimization

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Video Editing

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Video Games

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