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Although IP assets are now treated as intangible assets, they are hardly invisible assets, and in today’s world, IP is now a much more visible and prominent asset. Many new players are involved in transactions such as exploitation funds, hedge funds, and venture capital firms. Accordingly, new vehicles have emerged for the conduct of IP transactions and in this new world, RSL’s deep experience can help the client navigate turbulent waters.

IP Licensing

RSL’s principals have extensive experience with IP licensing, which for patents entails using an assertion-based licensing approach. In this licensing method, the licensor needs to be able to demonstrate that there is use of specific patents and this evidence becomes part of a value proposition which is presented to the prospective licensees. This proposition typically includes evidence of use, coupled with the use of publicly-available data on the prospective licensee’s commercial activity. The costs and sophistication for this exploitation process can be challenging and require careful guidance and expertise. RSL’s principals have extensive experience with this assertion-based exploitation strategy and they have generated millions of dollars in revenue for their clients.

IP Brokering

RSL Holdings provides outstanding IP brokerage results by putting in the serious work needed to market our portfolios. With our extensive experience, we have a solid track record on both the buy and sell sides and this experience provides insight regarding how buyers think, what they need, and what maximizes value. As a result, our process involves strategic asset positioning based upon expert technology, legal, and business expertise. We provide potential buyers with all of the key legal, technical and business due diligence and decision points needed to make their buying decision quickly and with confidence. The RSL difference has provided many businesses with added revenue that they would otherwise not have realized.

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