January 26, 2018
RSL HOLDINGS INC., (www.rslholdingsinc.com), a global intellectual property brokerage, advisory, and valuation firm has successfully completed a sale on behalf of its client, Augmented Reality Holdings, LLC (“ARH”).

The assets sold were a subset of the ARH portfolio related to augmented and virtual reality technology. The name of the acquirer and terms of the sale are confidential.

“We are very pleased with RSL’s deep commitment to ensure the successful sale of a portion of our portfolio”, said ARH’s CEO, Nova Spivack. “The RSL team invested in high-quality analysis that identified the true value of our inventions to the expanding AR/VR market. It was a job well done.”

“A comprehensive marketing plan was developed through our research to identify the growing number of participants in the AR/VR space; create evidence of use; and craft a solid value proposition for potential buyers,” said Ray Reusser, CEO of RSL
Holdings. “This offering package was then shared with the global marketplace. Our continued engagement with interested parties provided valuable feedback that allowed us to iterate the sales package as the market was changing in real time. Our advice and guidance during the sales negotiations and closing produced an excellent result for ARH. We believe a high valuation was achieved through our team’s experience, skill, and rigorous process.”

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