The RSL Management Team

RSL Holdings is led by experienced legal, technology and business professionals who draw upon more than 30 years’ apiece in their respective fields. The team uses their vast knowledge of technology and IP marketplaces across many sectors throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe to deliver highly-valued transactions for client benefit.

Raymond E. Reusser, Managing Director

Mr. Reusser is a co-founder and Managing Director at RSL Holdings, Inc. He has run a successful patent consultancy company, Patent Asset Consulting Services, LLC for the past 18 years. He also has extensive experience in technical and executive management responsibilities at AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Agere Technologies, including over 30 years’ experience in evaluating and exploiting high technology patent assets.

Mr. Reusser originated benchmarking and best practices in patent licensing and patent management processes at AT&T. By identifying and developing valuable patents, and then exploiting them, his efforts generated billions of dollars in revenue for his employers and clients, but also saved an equal, if not greater, amount.

Prior experience includes his pioneering effort to create and then conduct the initial patent licensing and exploitation program for the AT&T and Bell Labs semiconductor patent portfolio after the company was first de-regulated in 1984. The semiconductor portfolio segment was AT&T’s largest, totaling roughly 5,000 patent families out of the total AT&T portfolio of 10,000 patent families. In addition to this portfolio evaluation and asset exploitation experience, he also was ultimately responsible for the technical assertion group at Lucent Technologies, whose job was to provide evidence of patent commercial use and value to support an IP business generating $500 million of revenue annually.

Mr. Reusser obtained a BS Metallurgical Engineering degree from Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN and a MS Materials Science degree from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. In his engineering days he created over eight patents in semiconductor technology. He has also been named one of Intellectual Asset Magazine’s leading 300 IP Strategists.

Francis G. Rushford, Managing Director

Mr. Rushford is a co-founder and Managing Director at RSL Holdings, Inc. Prior to founding RSL Holdings, Francis G. Rushford was the Executive Vice President at ICAP Capital Markets, LLC, for Patent Brokerage. ICAP Patent Brokerage intermediates patents and all other types of Intellectual Property between buyers and sellers, allowing Mr. Rushford to draw upon his more than 25 years’ experience and expertise in technology and law.

He has broad-ranging experience and unique understanding of technology and patents, from ICs to digital technology implementations. His expertise in these areas, along with other income opportunity streams such as Hollywood Media, Telecommunications, and Financial Services, have enabled Mr. Rushford to have great success in generating revenue from IP assets. In the last decade alone, Mr. Rushford has delivered total revenue well in excess of $2 Billion.

Prior to ICAP, Mr. Rushford was a leading intellectual property lawyer, working at several top law firms – including Christie, Parker & Hale LLP of Pasadena, CA, Poms, Smith, Lande & Rose, and Graham & James. Mr. Rushford helped leverage patent and other intellectual property assets through sales, licensing and litigation. Mr. Rushford’s practice touched on a very broad swath of technology and business, including medical devices, ICs, telecommunications, software, aerospace, consumer electronics, financial services, web strategies, entertainment media and branding.

Mr. Rushford holds a Juris Doctor from New England School of Law, where he was Symposium Editor of the Law Review and Commencement Speaker, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Polytechnic University, where he was elected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. He has also been named one of Intellectual Asset Magazine’s leading 300 IP Strategists.

Daniel J. Henry, Senior Advisor

Daniel Henry is an experienced executive with extensive knowledge in the monetization of intellectual property assets. He has worked in all phases of the market–acquisitions, sales, assertion & licensing, and has generated return on investment for the inventors, patent owners and businesses with whom he has collaborated.

Prior to RSL Holdings, he was Vice President, Business Development for ITUS Corporation, a publicly traded patent licensing company. His focus was to identify and acquire patent assets for assertion & licensing in the challenging post-AIA market. Prior to joining ITUS Mr. Henry was Vice President, Licensing for Personal Audio LLC, an inventor-owned company. Mr. Henry was responsible for licensing the Company’s patented inventions that allow for the storage and playing of audio and video files, including episodic content on smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. He also engaged the contingency law firm of DiNovo Price for an assertion campaign that is currently progressing.

Previously, Mr. Henry was Vice President, Business Development for WiLAN, a publicly traded patent licensing company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Mr. Henry focused on leading the acquisition of IP assets and developing new business initiatives. While there, he closed the acquisition of 200+ patents from Siemens AG and Alvarion. Before joining WiLAN, Mr. Henry was Senior Vice President at ICAP Patent Brokerage, where he advised clients on the sale and acquisition of valuable IP assets. In his two years with ICAP, Mr. Henry generated millions of dollars from patent sales to U.S. and foreign corporations, venture investors and patent aggregators. Prior to ICAP, Mr. Henry was a partner with Altitude Capital Partners, where he conceived and executed the business development program as well as the firm’s strategic relationships with corporate IP holders and other IP professionals. In his four years with Altitude, the fund committed more than $120 million in 18 separate transactions.

Mr. Henry is a practiced speaker on IP and value generation, and has presented at industry conferences since 2005. Mr. Henry has also been named one of Intellectual Asset Magazine’s leading 300 IP Strategists annually since its inception and is a member of the IPO.

Dorothy Ledden, Senior Advisor

Dorothy Ledden is an experienced intellectual property executive who has monetized assets across the full IP spectrum including patents, trademarks, brands and proprietary data.

She was a consultant with Altitude Capital Partners, a private equity fund that invested in and acquired IP assets, where she created a methodology for mining patent opportunities in high technology areas. Her out of the box approach was instrumental in building out its unique marketing and business intelligence program that Altitude utilized to become a leader in the IP monetization market.

Ms. Ledden was introduced to, and eventually consulted with Cheryl Milone, the founder of Article One Partners, a pioneer in crowd-based prior art searching. There, she assisted in the creation of its research program prior to its launch.

In 2006, Ms. Ledden founded Remark IP. An advisory and brokerage firm, Remark IP assists individual inventors and small companies to achieve value from their intellectual property assets. The company carved out a niche by bringing unique assets to market. Remark IP further broadened its market presence by advising on brand and trademark valuations and sales.

Remark IP also partnered with IP Recovery in the sale of IP assets held in distressed situations including proprietary data. These transactions required intensive and extensive research, and it was where she once again developed a unique marketing approach that led to the identification of acquirers from the global marketplace. She closed multiple sale transactions, generating substantial revenue from the data asset.

Prior to developing a keen interest in intellectual property as an asset class, Ms. Ledden had a successful career as a television producer covering high profile trials such as the William Kennedy Smith trial as well as the Menendez Brothers and O.J. Simpson murder trials, respectively.

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